Monday, August 1, 2011

Chicago Sports Fans- Not Happy

Not a great week for Chicago sports- at least from a "feel" point of view.

1. Bears. Training camp has just started and many Bears' fans are already down on the overall lack of free agent signing and more importantly, the departure/trade of Olin Kruetz and Greg Olsen. Let me start by stating that in my opinion, Olin Kruetz was one of the most overrated
Bear players in the last 5 years. Having said that, you don't let a team leader and anchor of an offensive line that you are trying to improve go unless you have a much better option ready to step in. Chris Stewart does not appear to fit that description. The departure of Greg Olsen (and only getting draft choices in return!) has added to the current depression of Bears' fans. At the same time the biggest free agent signing to date- WR Roy Williams released by the Cowboys.
2. White Sox- losing 2 out of 3 to the Red Sox coupled with the continuing unacceptable play of Rios and Dunn fuels frustration in a division that is very winnable.
3. Cubbies- standing pat at the trade deadline, really?! So expect for dumping Fukudome on the tribe, Hendry moves no one? No one wanted Pena or Zambrano? A-Ram not waiving his no-trade clause. Cubs' fans- optimistic for the future?

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