Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So NOW, Tribe Fans "Like" Thome !?

Like most White Sox fans today, I'm all over Twitter following the Thome waiver story (and to a lesser extent, the Jason Kubel story). It is funny how many Indian fans want the Tribe to add Thome. Some are pissed that the White Sox would dare block him from returning "home" (Thome leaves in a Chicago suburb- but whatever, Cleveland!).

Really!? Are these the same Tribe fans that constantly booed Thome at every return at-bat in Cleveland (Point of reference- Twins fans, these boos are louder than your booing of AJ, or would be louder if they actually averaged more than 3,000 fans when the White Sox visited with Thome in 2006-2009!). Read these comments from Tribe fans in response to a story telling Tribe fans to bury the hatchet with Thome. There are a few comments appreciative of Thome but the majority are negative including the following:

Thome. No steroids? look at some of his photos in his early days. especially when he played third base. no steriods my ass

Cleveland, you don't deserve Thome. And don't use the "Lebron leaving Cleveland excuse" here. That won't fly here! No sympathy from me.

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