Thursday, August 25, 2011

Highest-Paid Actresses 2011 // Hollywood has no shortage of rich and successful female stars. Here's the highest earning actresses of 2011, according to Forbes Magazine.

After a brief hiatus, Angelina Jolie returns to the top of this year's list. The beautiful star was the highest-paid actress in 2009, but last year lost the title to Sandra Bullock. Jolie has recently starred in a number of big-budget action films, including The Tourist and Salt.

Estimated earnings: $30 million


Sex and the City left your TV years ago. But as the star and producer of the show and second movie -- which hit theaters this past year --Sarah Jessica Parker had no problem raking in the dough. The second film didn't get the best reviews, but it still made $290 million worldwide.

Estimated earnings: $30 million


Jennifer Aniston may not always be loved by the critics, but Hollywood producers sure support her. In 2011, the actress continued to land high-paying roles -- she starred alongsideAdam Sandler in Just Go with It and made more than a few people laugh in Horrible Bosses.

Estimated earnings: $28 million

 When Reese Witherspoon isn't beingembarassed by Robert Pattinson, she enjoys making money. Lots of it. Even though her most recent rom-com How Do You Know flopped horribly, the blonde still continues to land high-paying roles in Hollywood. 

Estimated earnings: $28 million


There was a time when Julia Roberts was the Queen of Hollywood. And while those days are firmly behind her, she still has plenty of reasons to smile. Larry Crowne was a critical failure (35% on, and a financial disappointment at best (the $30 million budget only saw a $5 million domestic profit), yet Roberts still comes in at No. 5 on Forbes' list.

Estimated earnings: $20 million


As the star of a little-known film series calledTwilight, Kristen Stewart continues to make a name for herself in Hollywood. The paychecks keep coming as she's currently in London filming Snow White, and is set to star in the film adaptation of On the Road later this year.

Estimated Earnings: $20 million----


Typing Katherine Heigl's name into a Google search will get you roughly seven times fewer results than if you wrote Kristen Stewart. TheGrey's Anatomy star isn't the most well-known name in Hollywood, but her films Killers and Life as We Know It brought in over $200 million combined at the box office.

Estimated earnings: $19 million


She may have peaked early with her role in theThe Mask, but Cameron Diaz continues to land high-paying jobs. Knight & Day somehow raked in $260 million, while her latest film Bad Teacher is well on its way to grossing over $100 million.

Estimated earnings: $18 million


 Sandra Bullock topped this list last year after starring in two huge hits: The Blind Side andThe Proposal. The former landed her an Oscar win for Best Actress. Both brought her loads of money. Still, the actress hasn't had a film out in the last 12 months, so we're more than impressed she made the cut this time around.

Estimated earnings: $15 million

Few (if any) actresses in Hollywood share the talent of Meryl Streep. Whether she's in comedies like The Devil Wears Prada or intense dramas like Doubt, she never fails to impress. The actress hasn't even starred in a film all year, but you can soon catch her as Margaret Thatcher in the biopic The Iron Lady, due out around Christmas.

Estimated earnings: $10 million

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