Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top Sports Towns

Cities to be jealous of (in terms of how good their teams are):

1. Boston, as much as I would hate to admit it, has to be #1. Bruins are the Stanley Cup Champs. The Patriots are the Patriots, with some interesting off-season moves, looking like a prime AFC contender. The Red Sox, despite some pitching issues, have a monster line-up, are at worst a wild-card team. The Celtics, maybe starting to slip a little are still a playoff team. Boston- all major sports teams in the playoffs! That's just sick.
2. Philly. When did the Phillies become the Yankees at every trade deadline? The Flyers were a 2010 Stanley Cup Finalist. The Eagles have been proclaimed by some as the "Dream Team." The weak link among the major sports- the Sixers.
3. Chicago. At least I hope Chicago is #3 on the list, ahead of New York. Da Bulls were in the NBA Eastern Finals and if the NBA lockout ever ends should contend for the NBA ring. Da Bears were in the NFC title game. Okay, the Bears' off season has been less than spectacular but still. Blackhawks were the 2010 Stanley Cup Champion and had a good off-season. Baseball- well, 2008 seems like a long time ago.
4. New York. Ah, screw New York, I got work to do.

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